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Buffalo New York, Erie County, and the entire state and your back and front yards literally could soon look like this if people there let the governing bodies have their way

Steel Winds Lackawanna in Buffalo Erie County at Lake Erie near Hamburg plans turbine replacement after only 10 years and upgrades are costly

recent news:

New York State is considering allowing massive industrial wind turbines to be installed within just a few miles of the shorelines of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario also read about Ohio project on Lake Erie: Proponents of the Lake Erie Wind Turbine Project avoid downside realities

OHIO removes nagging 'poison pill' that would have forced any wind plantation built on Lake Erie approved by Ohio regulators to have shut down turbines at night during summer.

ALERT: Governor Cuomo is attempting to forge as strong as steel new laws that would utterly destroy viewscapes in farm land and other open space areas all over the state with ugly wind farms, forcing them on small communities with absolutely no way for residents and those concerned to stop them. You must stop this from happening or you are going to lose your way of life to the industrialists that are ready to make every serene space an industrial energy zone leaving few places to "recharge" other than maybe in their rich back yards if you are invited to their homes. Cuomo claims it's a public health threat and an emergency to install these wind projects everywhere to save the planet and meet NY "green energy" goals which are fantasy land on steroids as none of these wind farms help save anything except in providing your money transferred to the rich. There is no emergency except in stopping this law. Voice your opposition. This must be done before May 3, 2020. this formal opposition period closed

other news: Kean Wind in Williamsville, NY cited by Attorney General Letitia James allegeding illegal sale of securities and no working product

view the legal complaint   view archive page of developer website


Here is how the shoreline looks now at Lake Erie. They also want to install these in the middle of the lake. The problem is they are promised to be "clean energy" but this is a lie, they waste energy. These are illusions of "green" energy and they are the ugliest things to ever hit beautiful openscapes. There are built only to make industrialists happy and rich as they use medias to create a fantasy world of pretending to free us from fossil fuels.

learn more on how the wind industry and clean enery crowd has scammed us
image courtesy Ken JP Stuczynski creative commons license

This used to be a steel mill and plans to make it a hotel at this beautiful lakeside location never materialized. They tried for many decades. Now the steel is made in China using coal and other fossil fuels and then brought here to make these ugly things while coal and other fossil fuels are also used to make the fiberglass blades using epoxy resins that are also made using fossil fuels. When I see these windmills now spin I feel like we are going in circles trying to eliminate fossil fuels by creating systems that use more of it and actually because of their need for stand by power they cause more fossil fuels to be used and more green house gasses to be added. Although green house gasses are non toxic and are naturally recycled by the only real cause of climate changing - clouds by a whopping 10,000% greater amount than carbon air - inspections performed on these mechanisms and their claims of what they can do for us appear to show a base of quicksand so to speak as all of these promises made that wind energy will save the planet are just not true.

movies: Michael Moore film "Planet Of The Humans" which exposes all the lies about solar and wind energy is now playing here

Also installed was a solar panel manufacturing facility built on a foundation of lofty promises that it would rejuvinate the area. It seems this plant merely fed investors our energy. This is where all your green $ energy goes to feed all the industrialist portfolios. It's disgusting. If you have ever looked into where the real clean energy goes that is manufactured at Niagara Falls you understand what I am saying.

Tax payers bilked out of $1 billion for Tesla plant.

A recent rally at Lake Erie at Buffalo New York presentation mentions how wind turbines are a net loss. watch it here

Lake Erie should NEVER have wind turbines. Imagine this scene boating on the lake with them in the background and having to dodge them all in the name of clean energy which is actually chaotic wasteful energy that you pay for in taxes and electricity bills.


More about the project here.

Then there's this.....

BUFFALO NEW YORK - the latest plan is to spend 21.3 million dollars on upgrades and maintenance adding bigger blades to rather young wind turbine farm located in Lackawanna's old steel mill area.

The first phase was built in 2007. They can't get parts.

Guess who pays for all this? You will in your taxes and bills. This will cost $1.52 million per turbine.*

Does the following explain why they might be doing this then? 


"Wind companies are taking advantage of a piece of legislation from 1986 that allows the wind company to replace some of the wind turbine and begin the 10 years of tax credit over again: Repowering is an opportunity for a developer to requalify an existing wind project for the renewable electricity production tax credit for wind projects under Section 45 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 based on new placed-in-service and begun-construction dates while retaining some of the existing project. (North American Windpower, August 2017)"


on Nov. 16, 2019 Buffalo News reports:

If the project is not approved, the equipment and facility will be "faced with an extremely short useful life," the application states. There are three people employed by the facility.

There are two public hearings scheduled on the project, one by the Erie County IDA at 9:30 a.m. Monday in Lackawanna City Hall, and one by the Hamburg IDA at 7:30 a.m. Nov. 26 in Blasdell Village Hall.



Hearing is completed in Lackawanna BAD NEWS FOR RATE PAYERS

UPDATE 11/22/2019: upgrades have been approved of course. I posted a public comment. I wish I would have made a longer detailed comment but I was pressed for time and my draft seemed too wordy so I settled for one page. I doubt anyone would have been swayed anyway. This is like so many things that people just don't want to hear you when you try to tell them they made a mistake or are making a mistake. We all see various angles of  things in life and when they just can't see it from your angle when you just try to explain what you are seeing they don't get it. Or the $ are all that matter. Either way here are some of the points as presented in Buffalo News report.


view details below about public hearings - you can oppose this proposal by e-mail


This image below shows what ugly white spinners did to the once gorgeous shoreline view on Lake Erie now many residents and those in tall buildings get to see ugly flashing red lights all night long as well.

learn more on how the wind industry and clean enery crowd has scammed us
image courtesy Ken JP Stuczynski creative commons license

Wind projects are a waste of your energy. They are a transfer of your energy to theirs. Money should be spent to tear these things down instead of upgrading. For these turbines to only last 12 years is a waste of energy and disgusting.

The project would get tax breaks from the county so they get to live like rock stars like all these wind company executives and their share holders and portfolion managers all do and it's all based on the farce that carbon dioxide air forms insulation around the Earth which it does not. Look at the sky, see those clouds, they are water vapor. THAT IS THE CAUSE of climate change NOTHING ELSE. There is 10,000% more water vapor gas than CO2. We have been had. Carbon dioxide does not form a blanket heat is never trapped of all places that should know this it's snowy Buffalo.

Look at this entire photo again, the amount of CO2 is 4/10,000ths of the photo. That's around 48 pixels. OMG it does nothing!

Your electric bills will help pay for these improvements. Your state taxes will help continue pay for these illusions of clean energy which they are not clean at all they DEPEND ON THE USE OF FOSSIL FUELS TO FUNCTION and they waste energy.

notice of public hearing November 18, 2019 by the Economic Development Corporation of Erie County

document of application for YOUR MONEY by the developer

Property taxes will not be assessed on the value of the improved property but rather on the output. This is because the output of these monster projects is minimal and will be cheaper thus YOU will not be receiving taxes into the county coffers by much.


"The Agency will acquire a leasehold interest in the Facility and lease the Facility back to the Company.  The Company will operate the Facility during the term of the lease.  At the end of the lease term, the leasehold interest will be terminated.  The Agency proposes to provide financial assistance to the Company in the form of a lease for a term of fifteen (15) years and a partial tax abatement of real property taxes for the term of the lease.  The proposed financial assistance deviates from the Agency’s UTEP in the following respect:"

Payments under the PILOT Agreement deviate from the UTEP as they will be based upon megawatts generated by the Facility in connection with the operation thereof and not based upon the assessed value of the Project.  The Agency proposes to deviate from the UTEP given the nature of the Project and that the Project will provide a benefit not otherwise available within the locale of the Facility.


Warren Buffet knows this saying the only reason he invests in them is because the public money's feed his investment portfolios. Bill Gates knows this saying it's time to quit jerking around with renewables and batteries backing reliable nuclear instead. Imagine Buffalo building a nuclear plant there instead providing the entire region cheap reliable energy that draws in business and industry and wealth again.

"Erie Wind I LLC and Niagara Wind Power I LLC, the owners of the 14 turbine Steel Winds project along Hamburg Turnpike and on a portion of the former Bethlehem Steel property, are planning to upgrade the 328-foot tall wind power generators including installation of new 116-foot long blades. The company is working with the Erie County Industrial Development Agency on a specialized payment-in-lieu-of-taxes package that will help finance the project. The ECIDA has set a Nov. 18 public hearing on the PILOT."


If you write make sure it arrives in time. 

public hearing November 18, 2019 by the Economic Development Corporation of Erie County

project owner website

 *this comes out to you giving them about $6.00 per turbine x 14 = $84 based on population of 250,000 rate payers. your bill just went up AGAIN. Now you know why. Also consider how many homes or other useful projects could be financed with this kind of cash YOU are pumping into this blight farm.



A representative of the Agency will be present at the above-stated time and place to present a copy of the Application and hear and accept written and oral comments from all persons with views in favor of or opposed to the proposed financial assistance.  Written comments may be submitted at this public hearing or delivered to the Agency at 95 Perry Street-Suite 403, Buffalo, NY 14203 until the comment period closes on November 19, 2019.  The project application is available for public inspection at the Agency’s offices Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays) from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

This public hearing is being conducted in accordance with Subdivision 2 of Section 859-a of the New York General Municipal Law.

Click for a copy of the application (PDF)

Click here f or a copy of the transcrpit (PDF) 

If you would like to submit a comment regarding the project, please use the form below.  Alternately, you mail also e-mail us directly at  Comments will be accepted up until November 19, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. 

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