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BUFFALO NEW YORK - the latest plan is to spend 21.3 million dollars on upgrades and maintenance adding bigger blades to a not all that old wind farm, first phase was built in 2007 and guess who pays for all this? YOU! This will cost you OMG $1.52 million per turbine!!!!!!!!!!!*

COMMENTS ON COMMENTS regarding public hearing November 18th 2019 STEEL WIND LACKAWANNA

JEFF BASTY commented saying he is in favor of the project continuing, bringing up wind farms in New Orleans. Says we should own the farms.

JANET LENICHEK of Sierra Club of Niagara Group commented saying Sierra Club feels this project needs to continue and we don't have time to meet the 70% renewable by 2030 New York State goals without partnering with private industry.


On today's date November 19th 2019 I see my public comment that I emailed is posted and there are some others from individuals concerned about climate change supporting the upgrade. Sarah Shultz, Sierra Club Niagara Chair added comment in support. MINE IS ON PAGE 10 look for "PUBLIC COMMENT ON STEEL WIND PROPOSAL" and I am against the upgrade and say it would be better to tear them down and I point out that THE CAUSE of all climate change is water vapor and a 2019 scientific report confirms this determination of mine.

This image below shows what ugly white spinners did to the once gorgeous shoreline view on Lake Erie now many residents and those in tall buildings get to see ugly flashing red lights all night long as well. Although comment was also made that "this is a perfect site" as they are "not near anyones house" the area is flat so undoubtedly people see them. Residential areas start about a mile away. See image below of 2 mile away view of wind farms in Desert Hot Springs.

learn more on how the wind industry and clean enery crowd has scammed us
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